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Pog thin line
Nate website

Nate Durbin

Nate has been welding for about 12 years to include custom exhaust systems and fabricating performance parts for vehicles.

In his free time Nate works on his own vehicles to learn new skill while perfecting his fabrication techniques.

Some say that Nate is something else, but he considers himself "A Bit of Alright"
Chris website

Chris Bowerbank

Chris has started has been wrenching on cars since he was about 5 years old.

He is proficient in all types of combustion engines to include diesel, rotary and the occasional chili powered motors.

Chris can find humor in any type of situation a true testament to why Rotary engines are his passion.

Andrew Moore

Andrew is our resident Grease Monkey here at the shop and has the pleasure of touching almost every car that comes in the door.

He has a deep seated passion for
Subi's and old cars.

The legend of Andrew reads:

"He is a man with six arms and twelve hands so that he can work on several cars at the same time."

No one has seen it but I am
pretty sure its true!
Aptil website

April Manley

April is a self-taught metal fabricator that does tig/mig welding and sheet metal fabrication. She has taken classes from Gene Windfield to expand her metal shaping skills and like to use every day as a learning experience as the industry is ever changing.

She does not like long walks on the beach, but zoo trips instead!
Jeremy 1

Jeremy Shaffer

Jeremy started his love for cars being around his dad’s air-cooled VWs in high school he found a love for photography. After high school, to fund his photography habit, he started detailing cars. Not too long after I started painting cars with friends and that led to learning autobody.

His mad skills include flat sand polishing, body work, and the ability to catch that perfect photo of anyone’s car. He loves being behind the camera.

Jeremy takes any all opportunities to expand his knowledge so that he can take his passion to another level. Recently Jeremy started to practice pattern cutting and custom paint.

You can almost always spot Jeremy in the crowd because he is the one in the BIG sun hat (his signature attire)
Shannon updated 2

Shannon Manley

2008 WyoTech graduate for collision/refinishing and Street Rod. In addition to WyoTech, Shannon also has a community college degree for brakes, electrical diagnosis, transmissions, suspensions, alignments and performance engines. Worked in the industry doing mechanical repairs for various shops around town before starting the shop now 9 years ago out of a 2 car garage on the west side of town.

Enjoys working on his truck and hanging out with his family

Robert "Bobby" Kerr

Bobby got his start at a custom
shop that did European Collision and worked his way up to painter He painted there for 8 years.  Bobby then went to a European Restoration Shop blocking for 6 years. Bobbys strong suite is making cars straight and flow.

He loves the feeling it gives him know that the car is straight.

Bobby loves Skateboard & Horse Culture as he use to skate pools & then developed a guest ranch where he raised his two daughters; the youngest becoming a
professional horse trainer in L,A,

Bobby recently got married to his best friend and soulmate.

Bobby is currently experiencing
a fairytale life and living...

"Happily Ever After"
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